Hello, I’m Dr. Randy Higashi, Chiropractor and inventor of the Zip-In-Go towel.

I’m a proud husband and father who believes in helping others. Whittier, California is home.  I graduated in 1998 from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

My passion is helping patients improve their health. As a Chiropractor, I use special techniques, known as spinal manipulation, to improve spinal motion and improve your body’s physical function.

I encourage my patients to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  This is hard.  I know it’s hard for me.  But I do my best to eat well and go to the gym on a regular basis.

A Sign for Inspiration

It was on one of these trips to the gym where I became inspired to create a better sports towel.

I made my way inside the gym.  Many of my favorite workout spots were already taken. Looking around for an open spot, I was feeling desperate. Then I found the perfect spot, next to the free weights, and began my approach.  I was smiling.  Eager to get started.

And then it happened.  I saw a sign posted on the wall.  My smile slowly disappeared.

The sign read:


And then I read:


I was a bit taken back.  Not quite angry.  But a little bothered because I felt like this policy was being pushed right in my face.  I understood why the policy was in place.  And after all, it was their home, their rules.

I was okay with following their rules.  Even though I felt inconvenient because I couldn’t use my gym bag on the workout floor. And this meant I had to put my belongings away in the lockers.

This also meant that I would be at risk for losing my perfect spot.  I rushed to the lockers and put my valuables away.  “Hope my stuff is safe,” I thought to myself.

I made my way back to the workout floor as quickly as possible.  Of course, another club member took my spot.

I just kept thinking about the gym policy and my mind was hard at work looking for a workaround.

Building a Better Mouse Trap

Inspiration hit me on my drive home from the gym. “A better mouse trap,” I thought.  “That’s it!  I’ll build a better mouse trap!”  In my case, I wanted to create a better towel, one I could use to dry off and somehow safely store my belongings.

I wanted to create something practical with multiple uses. My experience at the gym worrying about my valuables preoccupied my thoughts.  I thought about all the times I had the same uneasy feeling when I took my family to the beach or swimming pool.

I also thought about my patients. Especially those suffering from bruises or swelling due to an injury. And how important it was to treat bruising and swelling with cold gel packs.

I realized that this towel can also be used to help injured people with their therapy. They can easily place hot or cold gel packs inside the towel’s pocket and use the towel as part of their rehabilitation.

So, I took all those ideas and came up with a new kind of towel: a towel you can also use as a bag to carry your stuff.

Imagine yourself at the gym. You feel good about working out and knowing that you’re valuables are safe and within reach.

I was pleased with my design. And I felt good… about taking it to the next level.

So, I made a commitment to bring my new towel to market.

The Birth of Zip-In-Go

Zip-In-Go: The Ultimate Sports Towel was born, October 2000.

A new kind of towel: inspired by the need to improve on an old design.

This is a handy “towel-tote” with a go-anywhere convenience. You can take it with you next time you go to the beach, spa or golf course.

I know you’re going to like it.  And I’d be honored to have you as a customer.

Stay Fit and Stay Healthy!

– Randy Higashi, DC.